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AWORLD  Platform

can be integrated in two different ways
1 - AWorld Teams
Dedicated teams within AWorld App
2 - AWorld Core
The whole AWorld experience within corporate  applications (mobile app and web)

1 - AWORLD  Teams

Our Teams solution for employees is designed to engage co-workers to be part of a real community whose aim is leading a more sustainable lifestyle.

People are motivated to engage their colleagues into fun challenges and everyone is empowered to act better to reach the top of your leaderboard.

Our content is entirely customised to your goals and values.

Teams foster connection between members through a shared sense of purpose
Immersive storytelling on sustainability topics
Dynamic leaderboard constantly updated which stimulates commitment and positive competition between members
Open answered questions to stimulate personal growth and engage team members to take part into a constructive debate
Gamification and group challenges
Measurement of personal and collective impact
Accreditation and reward of the improvements

2 - AWORLD  Core

is the solution that integrates the platform AWorld into your company’s existing systems. It is a micro services platform integrated via API into external applications. With this solution, you will be able to access the entire World platform services, customised to your organisation’s needs.

Case studies

Green Pea -Full Loyalty Program

Green Pea is the new sustainable products-only and non-food shopping center by Eataly.
AWorld powers the full reward and loyalty system of the Green Pea App.

AWorld App
GreenPea App